Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why I closed down the blog

I thought I should let everyone know why I decided to take down my posts. It has been a very long time since i last wrote. In May 2013 there was a post in the Natib Qadish Facebook group that linked to this blog. What I read there made feel incredibly disheartened. I thought had done something wrong. I thought I had disrespected the Illuma. So I took down all the posts I had written so far and let the blog go dark.

First let me just say that I never had any intention of disrespecting the deities. What I wanted to do was to provide an unofficial point of reference to the Gods. My thinking was this blog might be a good way to reintroduce the Illuma to the world after being forgotten for so long.

It was never my intention to 'pigeonhole' the Gods. I was just relaying the information I found.

It was never my intention to conflate the Gods Anobret and Anbay. That I take responsibility for that. It was poor scholarship on my part.

The biological term mix up on the Anat post was not my doing. It was simply what was written down. I felt all the work that I had done up to that time was being invalidated because the author I was quoting used 'vagina' instead of 'labia'. Up until that time I was under the impression that a females genitalia was called a vagina. You learn something new everyday I suppose.

I am not a neo-pagan. In my research Asherah was identified as a mother goddess and a Earth goddess. Like I said before I was disheartened after reading the comments.

The pictures that I used I found off of the net. Usually I went to I always gave the artist credit and I always linked back to their deviantart profile. Now on the subject of the pictures there isn't a lot of iconography from the bronze age so my reasoning was why not get new pictures to help express how I saw the gods. Admittedly a lot of the pictures did have a fantasy feel to them because that's what you'll find on At first I thought what a cheap shot, but as time passed I learned that iconography is very important. It is a very holy part of religion. If I did disrespect the gods it might have been in this sense. I can see how someone could think that I was replacing the iconography that we have of the Illuma with the fantasy pictures I found online, thereby invalidating everything the ancients did, and how they lived. That was not my intention, but as they say the road to the various underworlds and hells is paved with good intentions.

That does however leave us in a bit of a grey area, if I find a picture online that represents how I see the gods should I be able to share that? What about artwork for prayer cards? Is their work invalidated because it is not strictly the iconography? At what point is new artwork not disrespectful to the iconography? Is it the style of the art i.e. less manga more realism? Is photography okay? If I don’t plan on these pictures being used as holy icons is it okay to put them on the blog? I’ll be going through Tess Dawson’s blog to see if I can get better clarification. I know she has recently written about iconography. I’ll need to be sure about the art/pictures if this blog is ever to come back.

Do you the reader want this blog to come back? More importantly do the Illuma want this blog to come back?